ICON for digital print

Technology in Digital is not just about putting colour on paper but special effects and embellishments using white and metallic inks and toners, over-glossing and speciality papers that include texture or feel that bring your ideas to life on paper.

If you are running a laser printer, HP Indigo, inkjet or similar digital print system—we have the perfect paper stock wrapped & ready to go! Our range includes white coated and uncoated stocks—plus a large selection of boards, stickers, high quality and unique look specialty Papers, kraft papers and recycled Papers. Need something extra durable? Also check out our selection of non-pulp based synthetic papers—super tough and tear resistant.

Not all digital print devices are the same. The specification of the product weight (gsm or micron) may not be suitable for your device. Contact us and we will be able to give you further guidance.

Looking for ideas? Check out our Inspiration page for a whole lot of ideas and technical tips for getting the most from digital print.

Not sure what type of paper to use? Call us! Our team of digital print experts can provide advice on what products to use through your digital system to best meet your requirements. We’re only a phone call away!

Looking for inspiration & ideas for digital print projects

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