Our working environment as we once knew it has changed. With new social distancing restrictions in place, we all need to adapt to operate in our working environment and our everyday life.

With this in mind, ICON’s Digituff Pro White Synthetic range now has Antimicrobial technology, powered by Biomaster. A new specially formulated and laboratory certified coating which has been tested to ISO21702:2019 standards and is proven to inhibit and reduce the growth of bacteria & fungi including the virus that causes Covid-19.

Available in 6 weights from 120gsm to 495gsm, Digituff Synthetic Pro White is the go to synthetic specifically designed for laser printers. Now with Antimicrobial technology, it’s perfectly suited for all print applications within the medical, hospitality and educational sectors. Proven to reduce the risk of contaminants on a surface which is now a prerequisite for every industry and business.

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DigiTuff Synthetic Pro White Antimicrobial BJ Ball Flyer