BJ Ball i_Consignment

BJ Ball i_Consignment is a proprietary business-to-business inventory management system designed to streamline product supply chains of any size. i_Consignment offers all the convenience and benefits of a traditional consignment system – with the added power of utilising advanced technology to improve efficiency and reduce costs for both the supplier and stockist. With over 450 customers across Australia & New Zealand –  i_Consignment is a proven winner!

See how i_Consignment works:

Better business with i_Consignment

  • For the stockist: i_Consignment manages stock ordering automatically in the background ensuring you always have product on the floor without having to place orders manually or chase late deliveries. The way i_Consignment works means you only ever re-stock what you sell – cutting out dead stock and improving cash flow. Plus, you can quickly determine how much stock you have on your premises, how much you have sold, and what is due to be delivered. And to help you win the paper war – all your stock usage is consolidated to just one invoice at the end of the month.
  • For the supplier: i_Consignment reduces the amount of deliveries and transactions – your stockists simply order more stock, less often. This reduces supply chain activity and improves client servicing costs. And, i_Consignment is so efficient – you no longer need sales or account managers to visit the customers site to reconcile stock holdings. This means your sales and account managers are free to do what they are best at – find more customers and do more selling! This helps you scale your business in the right direction! Finally, by offering i_Consignment as an inventory management solution, you are providing your customers with a value-added service that helps secure the client and makes it difficult for your competitors to break the relationship. It’s win-win.

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