3D Overgloss

Digital print has evolved rapidly over the last few years. You can now create embellishment effects that. previously, could only be produced with offset or letterpress.

3D Overgloss is one of those embellishments.

In the past, we would use a Spot UV to create a high build overgloss. This is still the case for long run jobs but it does involves both time and cost to outsource. However, for short runs, we now have certain digital print systems with the capability to lay varnishes down in varying thicknesses. This replicates the high build effect. The cover of GSM13, designed by Ariki Creative and printed by Fuzed, is a great example of this.

These business cards also show how 3D Overgloss can be used both for aesthetics and practicality. The raised surface of the 3D overgloss is an effective means of printing Braille.

3D Overgloss

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