Guardian Barrier Paper is a recyclable, compostable and fluorochemical free paper. Providing grease resistance and water vapour protection, Guardian Barrier Paper is perfect as a sustainable, paper based option for dry food wrappings such as pasta and bread bags, deli food items or for non-food uses such as carton box liners that requires moisture barrier.

How biodegradable is Guardian Barrier Paper? See for yourself — watch what happens when you bury Guardian Barrier Paper next to plastic laminated paper for a period of three weeks:



Key Product Features 1

Available in Rolls Available in Sheets
Available Pre Printed or Blank BfR Food Certificate
European Food Standard FDA Approved
Free from Fluorochemicals Grease Resistant
Heat / Cold Seal Technology Medium Water Vapour Barrier
Mineral Oil Barrier Suitable for Flexoprinting
Suitable for Offset Print Water Resistant

Product Uses 2

Bread & Pastry Bags Direct Food Contact – Dry or Fresh Foods
Suitable As A Protective Liner

Environmental Credentials 3

Certified Industrial Compostable OK Compost / EN 13432 FSC MIX

Product Range

Guardian Barrier Paper 55
Guardian Barrier Paper 65
Guardian Barrier Paper 90

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