Metalik Foil Paper
  1. Digital compatible metallic stocks can produce striking results that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive for short-run printing. Check out Metalik, a one-sided foilcoated paper from BJ Ball. This option is great where you want an all-over metallic foil effect. Let’s take a look…

Digitally printed in black on highly reflective copper card, this sample shows how a simple design can be elevated by using a foil stock. 

CMYK Black on BJ Ball Metalik Copper 330gsm


Combining specialty toner with a foil stock can create effective results. Here, the foil stock is overprinted  with a clear toner. 

CMYK + Clear Toner on BJ Ball Metalik Gold 330gsm


The ‘metallic blue’ in this design is actually a CMYK gradient printed over a silver foil stock. A white toner creates the diamond pattern. 

CMYK + White Toner on BJ Ball Metalik Silver 330gsm


In this design a white toner has been laid down first, then over printed CMYK, followed with a holographic film to create the rainbow flaring effect. 

CMYK + White + Holo Film on BJ Ball Metalik Copper 330gsm


The MetaliK range of reflective boards has been developed specifically for dry toner print processes. Metalik is optimised for maximum toner adhesion and static control. It is engineered for strength, and rigidity. The MetaliK range folds easily without cracking, making it a superb solution for applications such as luxury packaging, greeting cards and direct mail.

Metalik is available in Silver, Copper & Gold 330gsm 450 x 320


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