ICON are excited to announce the launch of New Zealand’s first 100% recyclable paper moisture wrapper for the digital print market.

Disposal of traditional ream/packet wrappers is an on going issue as they cannot be recycled in the same waste stream as paper. Ream/packet wrappers tend to contain either a PE, BOPP or PP lamination to protect the paper contents from moisture. This protective laminate makes them unsuitable for recycling processes in New Zealand.

ICON’s unique paper wrapper has a moisture barrier which is NOT PLASTIC meaning it  can be recycled the same way as normal paper.

Consultation with local recycling facilities has provided assurance that the new ICON unique barrier wrapper meets the requirements for the paper recycling process in conjunction with other assorted mixed papers.

The ICON unique barrier wrapper is also biodegradable (EN13432 [2000]) within 45 days.

The unique barrier is now available on digital products – Silk and ECO100 with further brands available in the future.

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