ICON’s Digi Ready range is designed to help customers produce smart and professional material for various  events and occasions. These products are designed for DTP (dry toner process) printing technology and pre converted to peel straight out of the carrier sheet.

To download a template for the ID card your wristband of your choice please click on the below link:


Key Product Features

Chemical ResistantDry Toner Compatible
Tear ResistantWater Resistant

Product Range - Wristbands

GSMMicronsLabels Per SheetTypeSheets Per PackSheet Size
24922020Voidable Wristband - White50SRA3
25322010Voidable Wristband - Blue100A4
25322010Voidable Wristband - Green100A4
25322010Voidable Wristband - Orange100A4
25322010Voidable Wristband - Pink100A4
25322010Voidable Wristband - Red100A4