Magnetic decals

Magnetic decals or tiles printed dry toner are a creative way to promote a brand or use as point of sale on a metalised backdrop.

Magnecote Dry Toner is a unique magnetic product designed specifically for dry toner digital presses. Pre-magnetized, Magnecote requires no post finishing to magnetise the sheet, and sticks to any magnetic surface.


White is the new black

    New Digital toner technology from leading OEM's Ricoh and Fuji Xerox is allowing printers to become increasingly more diverse with the range of capabilities possible. The new Fuji Xerox Iridesse and Ricoh 7200sx have added a 5th colour engine to include white alongside traditional CMYK cartridges. Having white in the press now allows printers to create a base layer under CMYK, producing vibrant images on coloured stocks and transparencies that previously wasnt very effective. The above image was produced on the new Ricoh 7200sx using white + CMYK on ICON Stardream Fuschia. This image is a great example of how white undreneath CMYK transforms an image on a coloured...