A premium uncoated, bright white paper offering excellent reproduction of both text and graphical, full colour printing. HP Indigo certified. Sovereign Offset Digital Indigo is suitable for a variety of applications. Produced using ECF, FSC® Certified Mix Source pulp, and manufactured Carbon Neutral under the strict ISO14001 Environmental Management System.

** Due to the bulky nature of boards, trialling is always recommended with heavier weights as machine specifications will vary between commercial and office printers.

Environmental Credentials

ECF Elemental Chlorine FreeFSC Mixed Source Pulp
ISO 14001

Key Product Features

ArchivalDry Toner Compatible
HP Indigo ApprovedPh Neutral Acid Free

Product Range

090104WHITEA4, A3, SRA3
100115WHITEA4, A3, SRA3
115132WHITEA4, A3, SRA3
150173WHITEA4, A3, SRA3
200230WHITEA4, A3, SRA3
240276WHITEA4, A3, SRA3
300345WHITEA4, A3, SRA3
350387WHITEA4, A3, SRA3
400442WHITEA4, A3, SRA3