Tiger FBB is a cost effective multi-layered, one side double coated, folding box board (FBB) with high bulk and excellent stiffness. Both sides of the board can be printed with an array of post print embellishments. FDA approved for safe and direct contact with both dry and fatty foods for one time use, Tiger FBB is ideal for carrying contents such as FMCG goods, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

** Due to the bulky nature of packaging boards, trialling is always recommended with heavier weight boards as machine specifications will vary between printers.

Environmental Credentials

ECF Elemental Chlorine FreeFrom Responsible Sources
ISO 14001

Key Product Features

Available In ReelsFDA Approved

Product Range

220360WHITEA4, A3, SRA3
240400WHITEA4, A3, SRA3
260440WHITEA4, A3, SRA3
280490WHITEA4, A3, SRA3
300530WHITEA4, A3, SRA3
360650WHITEA4, A3, SRA3
380700WHITEA4, A3, SRA3