At the back end of 2020 the ICON team launched 4 new UPM digitial adhesives. All uniquely different and fitted rightinto the range to provide the print market with a great range of label and self adhesive print options.

from top to bottom:

UPM Natural – A white uncoated FSC Certified 100% recycled fibre facestock. Designed for multipurpose labelling and applications requiring a sustainable theme. Compatible for DTP (dry toner process) and offset printing technologies.

UPM Classic Laser – A white woodfree FSC certified machine finished embossed wet strength facestock designed for labels that accentuate aesthetics. Ideal for promotional and beverage labelling. Suitable DTP (dry toner process) printing technology.

UPM Raflabrite Indigo – A white woodfree super calendared machine coated mid gloss facestock which has great heat resistance and guillotining properties. Certified for HP Indigo print technology.

UPM Vellum Indigo – Has a matt coated woodfree super calendared facestockwith a modified acrylic dispersion adhesive for great heat resistance and excellent guillotining applications. Certified for HP indigo print technology.


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