Wedding Invites


When planning a wedding, one of the most important aspects is the invitations. Not just who to invite but the paper you use will create a look and feel that will generally flow through on the day to the menus, table settings, wine list and other material.

ICON has a range of smooth, textured, off white and speciality stocks perfectly suited to wedding invites.

Pictured image printed on ICON Mohawk VIA Bright White Felt 298gsm

PRINT - Ricoh NZ

CLIENT - unknown

STOCK -  Mohawk Via Felt Bright White 298gsm 

PRINT SPEC - CMYK Ricoh 9200

White is the new black

    New Digital toner technology from leading OEM's Ricoh and Fuji Xerox is allowing printers to become increasingly more diverse with the range of capabilities possible. The new Fuji Xerox Iridesse and Ricoh 7200sx have added a 5th colour engine to include white alongside traditional CMYK cartridges. Having white in the press now allows printers to create a base layer under CMYK, producing vibrant images on coloured stocks and transparencies that previously wasnt very effective. The above image was produced on the new Ricoh 7200sx using white + CMYK on ICON Stardream Fuschia. This image is a great example of how white undreneath CMYK transforms an image on a coloured...

Yesterdays Tomorrow

Contact the ICON team at BJ Ball for a copy of our 2020 Yesterdays Tomorrow wall calendar.

A creative and quirky look back at some historical predictions made how we would look at them now.


Think about the BOX

Our world is becoming more aware for the need to improve sustainability and move away from plastic especially in FMCG goods.

Our range of packaging boards are a great alternative to plastic.

Direct Mail

Digital technology is allowing direct mail to make a comback in a market of declining print advertising. Green button machinery, variable data and personalisation is allowing businesses to target prospective clients or existing customers by tailoring marketing pieces to each individual on any given database or campaign. whether it be a simple 'dear john Smith' printed piece or targeted advertising based on you specificially, DM's are making waves in the digital world. Add to this, commerical printers now have the ability to add special effects and embellishments, creative pop outs or 3D imagery to the mailer that historically was too expensive and time consuming in a traditional offset world. the below piece was created by the clever team at Direct Mail Solutions in Auckland for a recent event showing Direct Mail. Their...

ICON business cards

Earlier last year the ICON team redesigned their business cards to showcase the latest in digital technology. We believe your business card should be a reflection of your business and what it strives for. Our business cards were printed on the Fuji Xerox Iridesse Dry Toner Production Press using ICON Silk Matt 350gsm. The process was single colour black toner, masking out the white stock as text, soft touch laminate film and high build Clear overgloss from a Scodix Ultra Pro for the ICON logo. in essence a fairly simple production sequence but gave great punch and an element of luxe to our cards. The use of special effects gave this card its wow factor. A soft touch laminate for a velvety smooth fee and 3D Overgloss for another tactile feel that creates a great first impression when picked up for the first time. PRINT -...

Digital Packaging

The team at @rageagainstchemicals chose Kraftpak Kraft for their packaging range. It provides an earthy and natural look and feel to match their International Award Winning, Certified Organic Skincare. Other than using a renewal cardboard outer, their range comes in glass jars and bottles too! Here we highlight their gorgeous tattoo oil, but check out their other products either online or instore at great places like @huckleberrynz

Printed & foiled by the award winning experts at Logick Print 

Think outside the box

This great little bespoke box was designed, printed and finished by auckland printers Fivestar Print.

Using ICON Kraftpak Kraft and Digituff Heavy Clear film, combined with white and CMYK through their Fuji Xerox Iridesse, a total of 100 personalised boxes were a breeze for their very happy client.

PRINT - Five Star Print

CLIENT - Self Promotion 

STOCK - Kraftpak Kraft 332gsm & Digituff Synthetic Clear 260gsm 

PRINT SPEC - Back + white toner, digitally diecut, creased and folded inhouse 

Creative calendars from Caxton

Christchurch printer Caxton Design and Print Excellence recently created this calendar as part of a self promotional piece using a range of ICON stocks through their 6 colour Fuji Xerox Iridesse digital press.

ICON stocks used in this piece were Silk Matt, Stardream, Kraftpak Kraft, Evergreen Environment, Notturno and Digituff Pro White Synthetic .

PRINT - Caxton Print and Design Excellence

CLIENT - Self Promotional 

STOCK - Silk Matt, Stardream, Kraftpak Kraft, Evergreen Environment, Notturno and Digituff Pro White Synthetic various weights

PRINT SPEC - CMYK + gold, silver & white in various combinations